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Translations for the Consulate of Cuba in Toronto
English and Spanish

We offer the translation service of English to Spanish for the Cuban Consulate in Toronto.

We have extensive experience preparing the documents so they comply with the requirements of the consulate.

If you are planning in getting married in Cuba, one of the requirements is that all the documents that are not in Spanish need to be translated. With our translations we can guarantee you total satisfaction with the finished product.

These are the types of documents we have translated:

Single Status Affidavit (See Example)
Birth Certificate
Divorce Certificate (See Example)
Death Certificate
Affidavit of Identity

These are templates that help you prepare your documents:

- Sample of Single Status Affidavit
- Affidavit of Identity Sample

We also offer the service of legalization, that way we can do all the rounds on your behalf.

Consulate of Cuba in Toronto,
Address: 5353 Dundas West, Suite 205, Toronto, ON, M9B 6H8
Telephone: (416) 234-8181
Open to the public: from 10 am to 1:00 pm - Closed on Wednesdays.

We look forward to be able to help you with your needs in English and Spanish translations.

Adriana Whiteside
Spanish and English Translator in Toronto
offering notarized translations
(416) 244 4831


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